“Heaven Can Wait” Lyrics

Black mustache on the surgeon with the mask – flips on the gas, and prepares himself to operate. One blind man to another blind man:
“I think this is the way; allow me to demonstrate!”
Shotgun birth. On a candlestick earth, you were crying for years, and now you got nothing left to hate. Heaven can wait.
Tin pan alley for a long tall sally – forty-seven dollars and she don’t even hesitate. One blind man to the other blind man:
“I see shapes, and I think I’m beginning to acclimate!”
Molecular bonds, they’re going, going, gone. Stockbroker whispers to his client:
“That’s a very good rate.”
Heaven: keep digging. Keep keep digging. Keep dig digging, digging the hole that you’re in. Keep rolling. Keep keep rolling. Keep roll rolling, and rowing in the ocean of sin.
Custer’s last stand in a sacrileged land. Rusty remains hang on the barbed wire of Eden’s gate. One blind man to the other blind man:
“Is it me or is it dark in here or is it getting late?”
Crap shooter rolling in the car that he’s stolen, yells out:
“First it feels hollow, but then it feels great!”
Heaven can wait. Heaven. Can wait.