“Honor Amongst Thieves” Lyrics

Having first left the tavern, then a tie upon the door knob, Little John awoke at noon and went to find a day job. Stumbling home much later through the evening just before, Samuel Clemens saw that tie was dangling from the door, and he said:
“I better find another place where I can sleep – oh, plus, one more hiding hole to put a secret I can keep.”
There’s a certain honor amongst thieves.
Discombobulated as a boxer, on her last leg, Lovely Lucy lamented: she’d hate to have to beg. And though she wouldn’t necessarily mind just one simple burglary, she’d have to check if Sam was sold. (He almost certainly would be.) Little John might balk at first, but then he would believe. You know that rascal – always had a shotgun hidden up his sleeve! And, well, here’s a certain honor amongst thieves.
Sometimes when the journeymen would drop by, unannounced, to crash upon the hallway floor, get drunk, and make sad sounds, they’d swear – upon their mothers’ graves! – the next time they’d pay rent. And it might have all been different, had they even been friends. But now what can you expect in a tenement building of ill-repute? Plus, then, Lucy had a thing for one she’d dubbed too cute to make leave. And there’s that certain something, again…that certain something amongst thieves.
Oh, so, watch out, Samuel Clemens, here comes Johnny with his jack knife, having just left the tavern determined to take a live life. Might as well be yours – you know exactly what I mean, man. I don’t know what he heard, but I sure know what he’s seen, man! Just run him around ’til he’s tired; he’ll forget she even cheats. You know that he don’t really mean it – he is just a little peeved. Oh, and there are certain honors, you see? Some certain honors amongst us thieves…
You may by now be wondering what my part in all this mess is… You prefer your puzzle pieces together – I think that’s precious. But I may never tell, oh well. You may never know. See, I do not get dealt all the cards, but I sense which ones to show, and I bet you’d like to have a secret you could hang above me. Maybe check with Sammy, Little John, or Lovely…
Just be careful what information you seek. Yes, just be careful…
There’s a certain honor amongst thieves.