“Pleasure and Pain and Pride and Me” Lyrics

Pleasure and pain and pride and me, racing to the top of the Apple Tree – each one with plans only he can see…I’m gonna throw them off, if they don’t throw me.
Pleasure and pain and pride and me, swimming with the sharks to the middle of the sea – each wave a mirror, each crest a key…I’m gonna take them under if they don’t take me.
Everybody says: “Don’t trust that snake, see?” Everybody’s got a deal to make me. Everybody stands on the corner for the bus; at the best, losing time – the worst, losing love. Everybody grabs at the thing that they covet, acting out loud like their minds were above it. Everybody covers the earth like a blanket, extending arms to the tree trunk to shake it.
Pleasure and pain and pride and me, staying on late to eyeball the T.V. – each got a channel only he can see…I’m gonna change em up if they don’t change me.
Everybody says: “Don’t taste that honey, bee!” Everybody buzzing with a bargain to bleed me. Everybody elbows. On the corner for the bus, the best, losing time, at their worst, losing love. Everybody steals a quick sight that they covet, glancing off low as their minds drift. Above it, everybody shakes off the earth. Like a blanket.
Edging along limbs to branch ends to break in: pleasure and pain and pride and me, shooting our mouths at their falling leaves. “We’re gonna make war, or we’re gonna make peace!”
I’m gonna lead the charge if it don’t lead me.