“We Go Down to that Corner” Lyrics

We go down to that corner. We go down to meet our ball and chain. We go down to that corner, and the road back home is never the same.
We go down like sinking suns, bleeding light on everyone. Like the hammer of that gun, we go down.
We go down to that corner when our heavy hearts have heard the sound. We go down to that corner, and the next you know we are down for the count – and there are oceans in our shoes, and the way the mountains move! As the earth is split in two, we all fall down.
We went down to that corner when the grated road would shake her – like a lonely undertaker – pulling over to the shoulder, and with no one else to hold her. I can see her still: inside dreams, and a canopy of concrete, seeking cover of the I-beams, or the speed of the express lanes. In remembrance of ashtrays, burning bright. As better past days, sunken skeletons in closets, nursing bones broken. By promise, I said:
“Cheer up, baby…cheer up…
“Cheer up. Baby, cheer up.”
“Cheer up. Baby! Cheer up! The horizon’s getting near, up there ahead!”
We went down to that corner, and the story there was never quite the same. We’d go down as far as time, bleeding light like dead stars shine. Like that end was just a lie: we would go down.