“Vince” Lyrics

“Should you find yourself in Phoenix – well, I’m sorry –
but should you find yourself in Phoenix, drive straight East.
Drive straight east on the freeway til you hit Apache Junction,
take the largest road that you can find, north to the Salt River –
Sit on a rock.” Vince said to me.

When I found myself in Phoenix – no apologies necessary, Vince,
we had a pretty good show there! – but I found myself in Phoenix,
drove straight East. I drove straight east on that freeway
til I hit Apache Junction, took the largest road that I could find –
struck a hidden stone! – I put a hole in my gas tank, which kept me
from the Salt River – never sat on a rock. Never did get to see
what Vince wanted me to see.

So I am going back to Phoenix – sorry is a strong word.
When I find myself in Phoenix, I will drive straight East.
Driving straight east on that freeway, I will hit Apache Junction
take the largest road that I can find,
avoiding any obstacles. I will focus on the present.
I will melt into the desert. I will sense
everything around me deeply. Finding the Salt River,
sitting on a rock, send my thoughts to Vince:
sorry for nothing, I will see.