The View from These United States

27 Jan

The weekly babbling brook of consciousness — music, videos, writings, projects, and people — that keep the lads at TUS tapping out tunes of their own.

This week, Jesse’s picks….

Dismantling Detroit

This is a visually stunning portrait of urban decay in the middle of America. Is it just cause I grew up in these kinds of midwestern rust belt towns and cities that this doesn’t actually strike me as purely depressing? There’s grim humor, industriousness, a re-using of the physical and psychological environments. I dunno – maybe I just love Detroit and all the amazing people and music a place like this creates.

Adam Acuragi, Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It…

Adam Arcuragi’s one of the best songwriters out there. Singer, too. Pure and raw, tupelo honey. He did this album with Duane Lundy at Shangri-La in Lexington, where we just finished our next album, too. He’s out touring around right now – look him up – their live show takes it to a whole next level.


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